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Enescu Forever from Radio Romania

George Enescu, (1881 – 1955), Romanian violinist and composer, known for his interpretations of Bach and his eclectic compositions. This year, on the 140th anniversary of the birth of the great Romanian composer George Enescu, ROR proudly shared part of the concert entitled “Enescu Forever”, an event that contained some of his famous works.

List of compositions: 
1. Notturne and Saltarello for cello and piano
2. Concert piece for viola and piano
3. Impromptu concertant for violin and piano
4. Ballad for violin and piano
5. Cantabile et Presto for flute and piano
6. Legend for trompet and piano
7. Serenade lointaine for violin, cello and piano
8. Aubade for violin, viola and cello