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How To Combat HEALTH Misinformation

Fact Checking in a pandemic with AFP’s Rachel Blundy. With the coronavirus, pandemic came an avalanche of new falsehoods. Covid-19 has created a public health issue and a challenge to journalists and the media. Rachel Blundy explains the ins and outs of how we can Combat Health Misinformation. Rachel Blundy is a Senior Fact Check Editor who helps lead Agence France-Presse’s Asia Pacific Digital Verification team from Hong Kong. The team debunks misinformation circulating in 14 countries and territories. Rachel has expertise in verifying user-generated content (UGC) on social media after working for the social media intelligence agency Storyful. Originally from London, she spent more than five years in reporting and digital production roles on newspapers in the UK, before moving to Hong Kong to work for South China Morning Post in late 2015.