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AIR Live streams on NewsOnAir App getting popular across the world

All India Radio Live streams on NewsOnAir App are getting popular across the world. In the latest world rankings on the popularity of AIR Live-Streams on NewsOnAir App , Fiji displaced United Kingdom to follow United States and Australia in the top three ranks.

These rankings are based on fortnightly data, from 16th to 31st of July this year. However, the data doesn’t include India.

Over 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on NewsOnAir App, have a large number of global listeners , in more than 85 countries and eight thousand cities across the globe.

In top Global AIR streams AIR Kochi FM Rainbow made entry into top ten ranks, while AIR Tamil made a comeback. Similarly, AIR News 24*7 has moved up a notch to 6th position in the rankings.

Vividh Bharati continues to be the most favourite in all top 10 countries. Similarly, AIR News 24*7 is quite popular in Nepal and Bhutan. AIR Marathi Service-Asmita Mumbai is popular among the European countries like Sweden, Germany, UK and Ireland.