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CCTV sends Olympics to Space

Already 53 days into their trip in orbit, the three crew members of Shenzhou-12 spacecraft had no problems watching the Tokyo Olympic Games live from China’s Tianhe space station core module, which is orbiting some 390 kilometers above Earth, amid their busy work routine, thanks to advanced space communication technology that have amazed Chinese netizens.

The crew, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, sent congratulations and best wishes to Chinese athletes who were competing in Tokyo in a video that state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) posted on its Twitter-like Sina Weibo account on Saturday night.

Tang said in the video that although they had a very busy work schedule, watching Olympic Games in their leisure time had brought joys to their life in the space.

“The Tokyo Olympic Games are wonderful, and we would particularly watch the games that Chinese athletes played in. Chinese players challenge themselves and have achieved a lot of great wins and set new records, and we Chinese are so proud of them. We feel truly happy for them,” said Liu.

“Competition, communication, hard-work, struggling, laughter and tears, are all the charm of Olympics. The wonderful performance of the athletes inspires us all to work hard and to be a better self,” Shenzhou-12 crew leader Nie said to the camera.