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VTV Broadcasts online performances amid COVID-19 pandemic

An audience-free art programme was broadcast on Vietnam National Television (VTV) last month as restrictions on COVID-19 have been tightened. This is a part of an online theatre programme conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

For the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected numerous sectors, especially the entertainment and tourism industry. Theatres have to close, shows have not been held and artists cannot perform.

It means no festivals, no big concerts and no big audiences. As a result, there needs to be innovative ways to help artists continue connecting with their audience and it is more important than ever to convey positive messages to the viewers.

The online theatre programme also aims to produce shows to promote and encourage people to fight the pandemic.

From the end of last year, the ministry launched the YouTube channel Nghệ Thuật Biểu Diễn Việt Nam (Vietnamese Performing Art) and livestreamed a number of theatre productions that were presented in national competitions and art festivals in 2020.