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Sarajevo Film Festival to feature TRT films

The festival will feature five films produced and co-produced by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). TRT co-productions include Quo Vadis, Aida?, Forgiveness, Cinelink, Hesitation Wound and To Carnations a Song.

The festival began 27 years ago to make the city a destination of culture and art again and help heal the memories of the 1990s bloody Bosnian War.

Last year’s festival was pushed online due to the pandemic. This year’s edition that kicked off on Friday opens to audiences at a number of new screening sites in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings, with nearly a third of locations set in the open air.

“This year’s festival will be a hybrid one – it will mean a great comeback of the audience into the cinema while a major part of the industry business will be conducted online,” Festival founder and director Mirsad Purivatra said.