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MBC’s Famous Korean Sitcom ‘High Kick’ to Make a Return in the Second Half of 2021

The first Korean sitcom that made the viewers laugh will be having its long-awaited comeback this 2021.

Broadcasting company MBC has announced on August 17 that the famous sitcom “High Kick” is about to return to the small screen.

An official from MBC confirmed that the cast of the legendary sitcom “High Kick” will be having a reunion. According to the representative, “We are currently preparing for the production and are aiming to broadcast in the second half of this year.” The Docuplex team which handled the “People’s Diary 2021” will be incharge of the show.

“High Kick” reigned in Korean television programs in 2006. It is a sitcom that comically deals with the daily life of a family of three different generations. It aired for about a year from 2006 to 2007, causing a “High Kick” syndrome and gaining great popularity from the Korean netizens.
Due to popular demand, “High Kick” was able to make it again in 2009 with “High Kick Through the Roof,” and the last was in 2011 with “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged.”

Its original cast, namely veteran actors Lee Soon Jae and Na Moon Hee, actress Park Hae Mi, Jeong Jun Ha, Kim Hye Seong, Jung Il Woo, Choi Min Yong, Shin Ji, Seo Min Jung, Kim Bum, Park Min Young, 2PM’s Chansung, are expected to have their much-awaited reunion.