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The ABU’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Group (DITG) held its first formal meeting on 26 August 2021.  The formation of the group was approved by the ABU’s Administrative Council at the Tokyo GA in 2019.

The purpose of the DITG is to serve the ABU membership by offering advice and recommendations on gender and diversity related initiatives and activities, in line with the ABU’s long-standing outreach campaign Broadcasting for All: Diversity and Inclusion in the Media.

The members of the newly formed committee bring to the task group a range of backgrounds, skills and passion for diversity, both in the workplace and through content and services.  Chaired by Chrissie Tucker, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (formerly ABC), Natalia Ilieva, Head SG’s Office, ABU, the other members are: Martin Hadlow (Consultant, Australia), Francis Herman (CE, VBTC Vanuatu), David Hua (Director, Audio and Language Content, SBS, Australia), Simona Martorelli (Director International Relations, Rai, Italy), Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum (CEO, FBC, Fiji), Paula Slier (Middle East Bureau Chief of  RT, Middle East Bureau), Daphne Tepper (Director Europa, UNI Apro, Belgium) and Nedra Weerasinghe, (Group Director, Electronic Media, MBC, Sri Lanka).

The DITG’s work focuses on monitoring and supporting ABU activities, particularly through the objectives and actions of a strategic diversity and inclusion media action plan, with a timeframe of three years, commencing mid 2021.  The focus areas of the plan are:  leadership, communication and strategy & projects.

The common goal is to work together to:

  • Promote and facilitate a culture of diversity and inclusion in media organisations
  • Build on the representation, development and retention of employees from diversity groups in the media
  • Enhance the participation, connection and engagement in media content and services, that reflects the broad range of diversity in communities and audiences.