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ABU/UNESCO T4P Media Awards – Judging Starts

The judging process for the inaugural ABU/UNESCO Together for Peace (T4P) Media Awards starts today. The Call for Entries closed on 30 September. 122  programmes and documentary series were entered in the competition’s three categories – Radio, TV and Digital Content. They come from 33 countries in 5 continents.  We are very satisfied with the interest shown by producers from across the world. The Awards were established thanks to the long, close and fruitful cooperation between UNESCO and ABU.

In the competition we called for inspiring stories of people and communities overcoming differences to work and live together, stories about mending our ways and living in harmony with nature. We have received many wonderful programmes covering a wide range of topics that fall in the three main areas of the UNESCO T4P Initiative in Asia – Pacific. They became thematic sub-categories of the Radio, TV and Digital Content competition groupings. These sub- categories are Living Ethically and Sustainability on a Shared Planet, Living Well with Super Diversity and Transformative Education.

The ABU is grateful to all member and non-member organisations and individual producers who sent us so many inspiring programmes giving voice to people combating injustice, bullying in schools, violence against women, disabled people triumphing over physical barriers and social stereotypes. etc.

The winners of the 2021 T4P Media Awards will be announced in association with the online ABU Prizes Ceremony on 17th November 2021.