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KBS Brings The Drama

Dear M is an upcoming K-Drama in the Romance Genre. The Events of the Dear M Episode 1 takes place at the Seoyeon University where a Student under the Alias of “M “confesses his love towards another on the Students Forum which goes viral leaving the students wondering who this M person is.  We will give you all the new information and new developments in the show along with the Release date, Plot details and where you can watch the show.

Dear M was originally supposed to Air on the 26th of February 2021 but was postponed indefinitely due to the allegations against one of the Series Leads, Park Hye-Se the actor who plays Ma Joo-ah of School Time Bullying. KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) is still discussing a new air date considering these new developments. However, it is expected to air in October 2021. The Drama had a total of 12 episodes spanning 60 minutes each. We will keep you updated on all the new updates and developments. We can only hope that the issues will get resolved soon and we can watch Dear M Episode 1 ASAP.