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Mediacorp Vasantham’s drama ‘Adukku Veetu Annasamy’ returns for Season 2

Adukku Veetu Annasamy, Mediacorp Vasantham’s Tamil drama about two families who move from kampong to HDB living, returns for a second run. 

Where the first season was set in the early 70s and revolved around how the families survived their new neighbourhood, this one, called Adukku Veetu Annasamy 2: 80s Lootty! moves 10 years forward into – you guessed it – the 80s.

It’s a new era in a new neighbourhood, with new neighbours.

The cast of laugh-a-minute characters makes a comeback. Annasamy (played by V. Mohan) is now retired but doesn’t know what to do with his time. Kokilavani (Udaya Soundari) has become a singing sensation but can’t handle stardom. And Rajendran (Jaynesh Isuran) is now married but can’t seem to find peace in his life.