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TBS’ Tokyo MER launches across Asia Pacific Disney+ markets

Disney+ announced on November 12 that the hugely popular Tokyo MER (Mobile Emergency Room) series is now available for streaming in additional Asia Pacific Disney+ markets starting November 12th, coinciding with Disney+ launches in Korea and Taiwan, and Disney+ Day.

A special collaboration with Japanese broadcaster TBS, Tokyo MER is a thrilling medical drama centered on the rivalry between two doctors who find themselves unwittingly taking part in a much larger political game while saving their patients’ lives. The series follows an elite medical team that speed towards accidents and disasters in a state-of-the-art “ER Car” to save the lives of victims in need of immediate critical care.

Tokyo MER is one of TBS’s most popular Sunday drama series. Originally launched on October 27 in Japan and other select markets, Tokyo MER features award-winning actor Ryohei Suzuki (“Our Little Sister,” “Tokyo Tribe”), Kento Kaku (“From Today, It’s My Turn: The Movie,” “Ranma ½”), Ayami Nakajo (“Let’s Go Jets”), Nanao (“Grasshopper”), Riisa Naka (“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”), and Yuriko Ishida (“Princess Mononoke”).