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Music unites our hearts – The 10th ABU TV Song Festival

The 10th ABU TV Song Festival featured 10 amazing performances from ABU member countries on November 18. It was hosted by Sharizan Borhan and Azura Zainal, streamed simultaneously on YouTube Live and Zoom to a virtual audience of more than 1,360 on the combined platforms.

The participant artists were, in order of performance, Summersalt (India), İlyas Yalçıntaş (Turkey), Dr. Jen (Macau-China), ITZY (Republic of Korea), The Pentatonic (Vietnam),

Denny & Nonoy with Mixline Band (Indonesia), milet (Japan), Suzan Maidin (Brunei),

Amir Jahari (Malaysia), and Amre (Kazakhstan). Not only their wonderful performances, but their heartfelt messages have given all audiences courage and hope to endure the Covid-19 pandemic.

The webcast of top-notch performances of popular music from a variety of national music scenes was a great success, showcasing the geographical and cultural diversity of the Asia-Pacific region with astute cooperation from ABU member organizations.