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55 Best Korean Dramas for Beginners & Desi Viewers

TV programmes from Korea have taken the world by storm. Korean dramas, also known as K-dramas, have become popular worldwide, with a loyal fan base. These Korean dramas range from whimsical and swoon-worthy to heart-wrenching and relatable.With beautiful visuals, superb costume design, and reverting plots, K-dramas fall under various genres.

Full House is a romantic drama of 16 episodes that has become a classic and is available on Netflix.

The drama originally aired on the channel KBS2 owned by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), and helped propel the Korean wave. Han Ji-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) lives in Full House, a house built by her late father.

There’s something for everyone – be it romance, satire, adventure, action, thriller, comedy, sci-fi and much more. Shareen Bibi*, a 30-year-old Pakistani postgraduate student in Coventry adores K-dramas:

“I love the fact, so many of the dramas have an amazing combination of themes and components.

“So far, I haven’t found myself disappointed with Korean dramas. They are awesome at giving a bit of everything without it feeling cluttered. And without it feeling like the plot has no depth.”