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ABU Calls for Media Engagement in Climate Action to Save the Planet

The ABU Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Prevention was held online for the first time on 9 December 2021.

The two-hour virtual meeting, which focused on the actions governments, businesses, NGOs and people around the world should take to prevent the disastrous overheating of the planet Earth was attended by nearly 150 participants.

Under the theme ‘Post COP26 Action to Save the Planet: Media for Sustainable Future’, the summit was a call for active engagement of media in driving the agenda to secure the future of the next generations. 

The 6th ABU Media Summit was held three weeks after the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) at which over 25,000 delegates from governments, UN agencies, NGOs, scientific communities, civil society, commerce and the media discussed how to avert the common existential threat facing all humanity, namely an increasing, human-induced carbon footprint which is contributing to global warming and climate change.

The climate crisis has changed the dynamics of our societies and is impacting all aspects of human activities. The 6th ABU Media Summit addressed the urgency of the situation, the need to act now. A line of high-level speakers provided participants with an overview of the COP26 conference outcomes, next steps and most importantly how media professionals can engage their audiences for climate action and disaster prevention.

One speaker after another highlighted that it is vital that media practitioners are part of the conversation and be the gateway in analysing and disseminating vital information from COP26 to readers, listeners and viewers in their home countries.

However, we have not fully utilized the immense power and reach of media for educating broad audiences about climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster prevention and preparedness.

The summit aimed to start a process of engaging media and make climate action related topics a priority in content production.

It will be followed in 2022 by monthly online webinars to explain the different components of the Global Green Deal – energy transition, moving to zero carbon emissions, water management, climate change adapted agriculture, change of consumer behaviour etc.  This is part of Phase 2 of the WBU/UNDRR MEDIA SAVING LIVES initiative, which will run from 1 January to 31 March 2022

Since 2014, the ABU has actively addressed the need for accurate reporting of the subject through a series of regional summits which highlight specific issues and provide journalists and content makers with the tangible skills they need to ensure the comprehensive delivery of invaluable information to readers, listeners and viewers to save lives and build resilient communities.

For more information how to participate in the planned activities please contact the ABU Head of SG’s Office Natalia Ilieva at