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ABC-Australia looks to increase presence in Asia-Pacific

The Managing Director of the ABC, David Anderson, says the Australian national broadcaster is preparing to up its presence in the Asia-Pacific region significantly next year, more than seven years after its cable channel dedicated to the region was closed.

In an interview with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Anderson said the public broadcaster was exploring ways it could expand its presence in the region, to serve both Australian and regional audiences.

“We have ongoing dialogue with the Minister for the Pacific with regard to what else we could be doing should they wish to fund us because I think there is the intergenerational trust between those nations and Australia,” Mr Anderson said.

We’re always interested in expanding our presence should the government wish to do so. I think it would be an important initiative.”

The ABC previously operated The Australia Network, which broadcast its content into 46 countries across the region including Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

But the service was shut down in 2014 following budget cuts by the government.

The broadcaster is currently in talks with the government about its next three-year funding arrangement.