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Buy set-top boxes soon, Indonesians urged

The Indonesian government has urged people to buy a set-top box soon as the country moves towards its analogue TV switch-off date.

A senior official at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Mr Ismail, said people should buy set-top boxes at the earliest to avoid a sudden surge in demand that could cause scarcity in the market, Antara news agency reported.

Indonesia’s analogue switch-off is due to conclude by 2 November, completing the transition to digital TV broadcasting.

Mr Ismail said those who bought set-top boxes soon would be able to enjoy digital TV ahead of the switch-off as some broadcasting companies were conducting simultaneous digital and analogue broadcasts.

Some regions already had more digital than analogue broadcasts, he said.

The ministry has said at least 291 broadcasting institutions nationwide out of a total of 697 – or more than 40 percent – have begun simultaneous broadcasting.