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KBS seeks Guinness World Record for its oldest entertainer

(Photo courtesy of KBS)

Korean public broadcaster KBS is seeking a Guinness World Record for its oldest entertainer, a 94-year-old TV host.

Song Hae has hosted KBS’ National Singing Contest for 34 years since 1988, becoming an icon of Korean television.

KBS has submitted an application for him to win a Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest TV music talent show host.

It said the application for a world record was an effort to gain official, global recognition of Mr Song’s achievements.

“If Song becomes a Guinness World Record holder, it will be recognised as an accomplishment that promotes the potential of Korean entertainment programmes to broadcasters worldwide,” KBS said.

Mr Song was born in 1927 in present-day North Korea. He worked as a comedian, actor and radio DJ throughout his career until joining the National Singing Contest as a host at the age of 60.