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Australia to set up Future of Broadcasting Working Group

(Photo: Parliament House, Canberra – ABC)

The Australian government is to establish a Future of Broadcasting Working Group to help develop a future regulatory structure for the broadcasting industry.

The group will include free-to-air broadcasters, infrastructure providers, television receiver manufacturers and government representatives, according to Content+Technology magazine.

The government says the group will provide a forum for industry to work collaboratively on future technology standards and broadcasting planning issues. It will work towards developing a pathway to modernise free-to-air television services.

The creation of the group is outlined in a government green paper as part of a process aimed at formulating a single, harmonised policy framework for all content providers in light of the structural changes the industry has undergone with the advent of the internet, streaming and other online services.

The group will be established in early 2022 and it is expected that consideration of technology futures will be finalised by late 2023, although the group will determine the timing itself.

Other themes of the government’s green paper are supporting Australian content across devices and platforms and enhancing regional news services.