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ABU helps take 2022 Winter Olympics to 1.6 billion people

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games ended with a spectacular display of sports, culture and fireworks on 20 February. The President of the International Olympic Committee said the unforgettable experience was only possible because of the gracious host, the Chinese people.

ABU Sports helped to take the Beijing 2022 to over 1.6 billion people in South and Southeast Asia.

The ABU Sports & Entertainment Network (ASEN) delivered content related to Beijing 2022 on a daily basis. CCTV+ uploaded over 60 stories during the event. The human-interest stories around the Olympics were downloaded over 40 times. Regular users included BTV-Bangladesh, MBC-Mauritius, TDM-Macau, FBC-Fiji, DD-India, ATN & ASBU among others.

A 60-minute documentary produced by CGTN of China, ‘One Dream’, to celebrate the Winter Olympics is also available for download via ASEN on the initiative of ABU management.

The ABU Sports Director, Cai Yanjiang, highlighted the importance of ASEN and content exchange during major events. Mr Cai underlined the need for other members to join and contribute to the platform, to further enhance the exchange. While in Beijing, the ABU Sports also met several partners including the IOC, and ABU members to discuss future partnerships.

Almost 3,000 athletes competed in 109 events across 15 disciplines in Beijing. The next Games will take place in Milan-Cortina in Italy in 2026. The Winter Paralympics begins in Beijing on 4 March.