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Malaysia’s Astro enters the record book

The Malaysian satellite television and IPTV provider Astro has entered the Malaysia Book of Records for having the most radio channels on an app.

Its SYOK app contains 60 online radio stations. They were launched simultaneously in a reboot of the app late last year.

The award for ‘Most Number of Radio Channels on a Mobile Application’ was presented to Kenny Ong, CEO of Astro Radio, by Jwan Heah, Director, Business Development, Malaysia Book of Records.

Mr Ong said: “We thank all Malaysians for their support and look forward to continue being pioneers in transforming the local audio landscape. We hope everyone enjoys the diverse and relevant online radio choices available on SYOK and look forward to more exciting offerings in time to come.”

Mr Jwan Heah said: “We congratulate SYOK for this achievement and we look forward to continue recognising more record creators locally for their feats, achievements and creations in the Malaysian landscape.”

Astro says SYOK has an average of 3.18 million listeners weekly. Its radio channels include a wide range of music channels in various languages, including ballads, classics, acoustic music, dance music, workout music, K-pop, hip-hop, favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s, rock, Bollywood songs and more.

Malaysians can stream and enjoy the online stations in addition to all Astro Radio’s brands on-air and on TV including ERA, MY, HITZ, RAAGA, SINAR, GEGAR, ZAYAN, MELODY, GOXUAN, MIX, LITE and others.