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KBS programmes win diverse range of awards in 2021

Programmes made by Korean public broadcaster KBS won 33 awards in 21 competitions across Asia, the US and Europe in 2021.

Announcing the figure, KBS said the strong performance was significant in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

KBS programmes had been critically acclaimed especially for focusing on the less privileged, minorities, women and the environment, the broadcaster said.

“The success of KBS programmes on the global stage is the best example of KBS’ firm commitment to its principal public service mission to serve the nation with diverse programmes.”

KBS’ commitment to stories for and about the disabled was recognised with Grand Prix for the documentary, ‘Watch Me! – A Decade of Deaf-defying Dance’, in the International Television category at the 68th Ondas Awards presented by Radio Barcelona. The documentary realistically depicts the daily lives of people suffering from hearing loss.

Another documentary, ‘I’m Tourette’, won the TV ABU Perspective Award at the ABU Prizes 2021. It brought inspirational stories of young people with Tourette’s Syndrome and contributed to breaking down stereotypes about the syndrome.

The KBS environmental documentary series, ‘23.5° Rhythm of the Earth’, was honoured with a number of awards, including two Special Awards at the Green Montenegro International Film Fest 2021.

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