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CNN highlights fight against modern-day slavery

In its sixth year, CNN’s #MyFreedomDay – a student-led day of action, supported by CNN and driven on social media – will take place on 16 March.

CNN will rally efforts around ‘The Choices You Make, The Actions You Take’, calling on young people all over the world to take the #MyFreedomDay Pledge – 10 concrete actions they can take to help fight against modern-day slavery.

Students can take the pledge here and join a global effort that will see thousands of schools and organisations from around the world participating, with more than 100 countries represented.

Activities being planned this year among student groups will vary widely, and include live theatrical performances, film screenings, forums and fundraising for local non-profit organisations, among others.

Participants are encouraged to share their pledge on social media, using the #MyFreedomDay hashtag, and call on their peers to join them.

CNN will also showcase what these students, schools and communities are doing to fight slavery on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and here.

On 16 March itself, CNN correspondents will be reporting from schools all over the world engaged in #MyFreedomDay, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Special coverage kicks off at 16:30 GMT, with a half-hour special dedicated to #MyFreedomDay on Connect the World with Becky Anderson.