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ABU Media Academy launches 2 flagship new courses

The first edition of the ABU Media Academy Magazine for 2022 is now available, with details of two flagship new courses.

The first is called Positive Peace Journalism, developed as part of UNESCO’s Together for Peace (T4P) project.

Participants will come to understand the principles of solutions-focused journalism and apply that methodology to create news and current affairs reports, features and other peace related content for social media, radio and television platforms. It is now open for applications.

The other new flagship course is about Investigative Journalism, titled ‘Prevention is the Best Defence: Empowering Investigative Journalism in Public Broadcasting in the Digital Age’.

The ABU’s News Department and the Media Academy have developed this remote learning course for journalists and broadcasters with support from the Global Media Defence Fund.

The magazine contains the Media Academy’s training calendar for the year, which also includes online courses, live webinars and masterclasses.

The magazine is available here.