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Fiji’s FBC welcomes women visitors from afar

(Photo: FBC)

Sixteen women from one of Fiji’s most outlying islands say it was an honour to visit the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Fiji One studio in the capital, Suva.

The visit by the women from the island of Doi in the Oni-i-Lau group marked a special milestone in their lives, FBC reported. The island group lies more than 400 kilometres southeast of Suva on the main island of Viti Levu.

Doi Women’s Association Chair Nanise Vosa said it was not only the first time for them to see a radio studio but for many it was the first time to set foot on Viti Levu.

She said it was a privilege to visit the Radio Fiji One studio and see how it operated.

“We are so fortunate to be here today. We travelled for five days to reach Suva. Being here today is an honour. We always listen to Radio Fiji One’s programmes because this is the only station we can listen to in the Lau Group.”

Ms Vosa said the women had been brought to the main island for three weeks of vocational training to help empower them with business skills to earn an income back in the village.