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ABU-IRIB workshop looks at latest technologies

The latest media technologies were the focus of an online workshop held jointly by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and ABU Technology.

The three-day workshop on ‘Interactive Media Services’ featured sessions covering technologies such as AI applications in broadcasting, Image & Video Annotation, Intelligent Automatic Music & Text Generation, Deep Fake Detection and IP solutions for Broadcasters.

Experts from IRIB shared their experiences and solutions developed in-house to address broadcasting challenges and requirements. Also discussed were other technologies such as Quantum Theory, FPGA, IT Service Management and their applications.

The opening speaker, Dr Mohammad Asgari, Head of the ICT Centre at IRIB, described the services run by the centre and discussed the pros and cons of these in-house IT solutions. Several other senior IRIB specialists gave presentations during the workshop.

Each session was interactive, ending with a question-and-answer session. Close to 300 participants from 37 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa took part.