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Save your archives and increase your audiences, broadcasters urged

All broadcasters should digitalise their archives, the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium has heard – not just to save history but to increase their audiences.

Aale Raza, Director of integrated systems provider Whiteways Systems, said that the older a broadcaster’s audio and video clips grew, the more valuable they became.

Broadcasters who digitalised their archives would see a surge of interest from viewers or listeners interested in the history and culture of their nation.

“I would urge all broadcasters to seriously consider archiving all their older clips – video and audio – and make them available to viewers and listeners. They’ll find that a lot of people are interested.

“The older audiovisual clips are our history and we should value the history that we have, no matter which country, language or culture we belong to. We can pass it on to future generations.”

Mr Aale Raza was moderating a session on Day 2 of DBS 2022 on ‘Media Solutions: Implementation and Use Cases’.

The session featured speakers from RTM-Malaysia, China’s 5G iMango Radio and Comcast Technology Solutions.