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ABU Children Media Hub Workshop participants meet face-to-face

Participants from three Malaysian organisations, RTM, Media Prima and IPPTAR, have taken part in an ABU Children Media Hub Workshop in Kuala Lumpur on International Co-production.

The trainer was Dr Chung Hyunsook from EBS-Korea. The workshop on 28-29 March served as was a general introduction to three vital aspects of the international co-production process: generating and evaluating ideas, pitching ideas for backing and funding, and collaborating with teams and colleagues.

“I found all the participants to be very passionate about their work, and eager to share their experience, express their views and talk about problems they’ve encountered,” Dr Chung said.

“It was a memorable experience, and I hope to keep in touch with these colleagues and perhaps have opportunities to meet and work with them in the future.”

The Deputy CEO of Media Prima, Nina Yusof, praised Dr Chung for explaining the fundamentals of international co-production and giving participants clear initial guidelines on producing quality programmes.

For the first time in a long while, participants met face-to-face, with strict precautions in place including PCR tests, social distancing, disinfecting, ventilating and using masks.