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Japan Football Association wants games shown on free-to-air TV

The Japan Football Association President Kozo Tashima has said he will ask the government to prepare legislation that would ensure Japan national team matches are shown on free-to-air networks, Kyodo News reports.

Japan secured their seventh straight World Cup finals berth last week by beating Australia 2-0 in Sydney in Group B of the final Asian qualifiers. The game, however, was only shown in Japan through streaming service provider DAZN.

The inflated Asian Football Confederation-administered fee for the broadcasting rights of the final round of qualifiers meant Japan’s away games were only aired live by DAZN.

“We need the government to make a move,” said Mr Tashima, adding that the JFA had received complaints.

He cited Great Britain, where high-demand sporting events such as the World Cup and Olympic Games must be shown on free-to-air services.

“The most disappointing thing is children not getting the chance to watch,” Mr Tashima said.