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ABU SG lauds professionalism of Malaysia’s RTM

The ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, has praised Radio Televisyen Malaysia for its resilience and professionalism in supporting people through the difficult times of the pandemic.

Dr Mottaghi made the remark in a message to the national broadcaster’s Director General, Dato Haji Che Roslan Che Daud, to mark its 76th anniversary on 1 April.

“Not many nations are fortunate enough to have for so long the services of such a professional and trustworthy Public Service Broadcaster,” he said.

He noted that the broadcasting industry had changed beyond recognition since RTM first went to air in 1946 as Radio Malaya.

“But some things have not changed. Today, as in 1946, RTM journalists are constantly striving to serve their audiences with high quality programmes from news and sport to documentaries and entertainment.”

The past few years during the COVID 19 pandemic had proved that RTM’s noble service to the Malaysian people was the latest example of the professionalism and resilience of Malaysia’s Public Service Broadcaster in building the nation, supporting people through difficult times and keeping morale high.

Dr Mottaghi said the ABU was happy to have such an active and dedicated member as RTM and wished it a long life in the successful service of the Malaysian people.