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Malaysia’s RTM marks its 76th anniversary

Radio Televisyen Malaysia, which celebrated its 76th anniversary on 1 April, must remain competitive and use the latest technology to stay relevant, a government minister had said.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said developments in technology had seen not only private television stations but also individuals operating their own news portals or studios, the official Bernama news agency reported.

“However, we (RTM) remain a more reliable broadcasting channel. The level of reliability and accuracy of reporting (RTM) is an identity that is difficult to emulate. Therefore, it must be maintained,” he said.

RTM had the advantage because it had an experienced workforce, and the experience of the staff involved was valuable in efforts to improve its broadcasting quality.

“We know the broadcasting world is now becoming quite challenging, and so far, we (RTM) are ahead. Our broadcast is with full use of technology,” he said.

Malaysia’s national public broadcaster, RTM was established on 1 April 1946 as Radio Malaya and was the first broadcaster in the country. It operates six terrestrial TV stations and 34 FM radio stations, six of them national.