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ABU President meets Secretariat team

The ABU Secretariat team held a productive meeting with the ABU President, Mr Masagaki Satoru, on 13 April and briefed him on a wide range of activities. The hour-long meeting took place virtually.

Mr Masagaki, who is also Executive Vice President of NHK-Japan, noted that the ABU had been able to transfer many of its activities online during the pandemic and continue its valuable contributions to members.

He expressed his appreciation for the work the ABU team had put in. He said the best ABU activities were those that members could access easily and effectively.

Mr Masagaki said both physical and virtual meetings had their advantages and encouraged the ABU to combine the two to get more members involved in high-quality activities now that the world needed to coexist with COVID.

At the same time, he urged the ABU team to select activities they really needed to do and focus on the things that were the most important.

The ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, said all ABU departments were grateful to NHK for all the help it was giving them.

Directors and senior executives from the ABU Secretariat joined the meeting and shared their projects.

Also attending the meeting were senior NHK representatives including Mr Hashimoto Akinori, Executive Controller, General Media Administration.