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ABU Secretariat team meets KBS President

The President and CEO of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Mr Kim Eui-chul, has encouraged the ABU to continue providing its members with quality services and dedication.

Mr Kim was speaking on 12 April at a virtual meeting with the ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, and ABU senior executives.

He said the past two years had seen significant changes to the media industry, with many activities going online and the digital transformation accelerating.

After being briefed by ABU directors on the work of their departments, Mr Kim praised the ABU for the diversity of activities and events it was providing. He said the ABU’s primary role was to assist its members with their needs and challenges and urged it to continue playing a pivotal role.

Dr Mottaghi spoke of the key leadership role KBS had played in the ABU, including holding the Presidency five times. KBS had initiated many important ABU activities, he said.

Also attending the meeting were senior KBS representatives.