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NHK provides tips in Ukrainian for daily life in Japan

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has launched an online service in the Ukrainian language that provides tips for daily life in Japan. The service is for people who have evacuated from Ukraine.

NHK World-Japan set up a new website on 25 April. Its URL is

The site offers tips on living in Japan. Visitors can find out what to do in the event of an illness, how to protect themselves if an earthquake strikes, and how to handle other situations. It also offers explanations on Japanese coins and banknotes.

Lessons in Japanese conversation and basic grammar are available as well. The site uses “Easy Japanese” short videos prepared by NHK World.

The website also provides a list of local government consultation centres that offer various kinds of support.

NHK has been offering online news services in Ukrainian since March. It has been providing updates on the situation in Ukraine and the international response. The URL is