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Egypt to launch TV programme for Egyptians abroad

(Photo: Egypt Independent)

The Egyptian government has announced it will launch a television programme in May for Egyptians abroad.

The Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs said the programme, entitled ‘Salon Esraa wa Joe’, would be presented by Esraa Nawar, Director of Programmes at Chapman University Academic Library in California.

Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram (pictured) expressed her joy at the launch of the programme, saying it would include messages directed to Egyptians abroad helping them preserve their cultural identity and teaching the values of coexistence.

It will be broadcast on Nilesat satellite and shown on CSAT channel in the US. CSAT TV carries the latest in news, politics and culture from the Middle East.

Ms Nawar said the first season would be filmed in California and would serve as the voice of the Ministry of Immigration in California. She hoped to film future seasons in other countries and US states.