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Stay away from sensation, India’s VP urges media

India’s Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu, has called on the media to follow the value of ethical journalism and be responsible in their coverage of news.

Expressing his concern over the tendency to exaggerate and sensationalise news, he said this was tantamount to misinforming the public, the government Press Information Bureau reported.

At times, such misinformation could cause panic, he said, urging the media to “be closer to the truth and stay away from sensation”.

Mr Naidu was speaking on 27 April after inaugurating a 100 metre FM tower at the All India Radio FM station in Nellore in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The station was launched in February 2019.

He said freedom of the press was indispensable in a democracy and the media played a vital role in educating people.

Mr Naidu noted the popularity of radio and its importance in educating people on various issues. He recalled how radio had been instrumental in giving recognition to many artists as well as helping farmers.