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Qatar’s QMC holds Ramadan festive gathering

As Eid ul-Fitr approaches, Qatar Media Corporation, QMC, has held its Ramadan Ghabga, a traditional fasting month festive gathering.

Many media professionals and QMC employees were joined at the gathering by artists who have presented programmes during the fasting month, Qatar Moments reports.

QMC’s CEO, Sheikh Abdelaziz Bin Thani Al Thani, praised the staff of its TV channels and radio stations for their efforts during Ramadan and said their programmes had won wide approval.

He toured the studios where ‘Ghabga’, a daily evening Ramadan show, is produced and met presenters and guests.

Ali Al-Sada, who is in charge of Qatar TV, said the support the CEO provided to work teams was a great incentive for them to achieve their best.

QMC is a government broadcasting organisation comprising Qatar TV, Qatar Radio, Al-Kass Sports Channels and Sout Al-Khaleej, an online radio station.