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Fiji launches its first media press club

(Photo courtesy of Indra Michael Singh)

Fiji’s first media press club has been launched in Suva, FBC News reports.

The Fijian Press Club is a partnership between the Fijian Media Association and the Australian High Commission that aims to develop the media industry in the country.

The club’s logo is a lali, a traditional Fijian drum used as a means of communication. Its launch on 3 May came on UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day 2022.

Speaking at the launch, the association’s general secretary, Stanley Simpson of Mai TV, said it marked a new dawn for the media industry in Fiji.

The media played an important role in keeping the democratic society flowing, keeping people informed and facilitating the exchange of ideas, he said.

“We never will make everyone happy and sometimes we don’t live up to expectations, but every day we turn up.

“Even though we regularly get sworn at, ridiculed, belittled, physically and mentally vilified, we wake up the next morning and have a go at it again.”

Chief editors from all local newsrooms were also present, vowing to unite to help create a reporting environment where journalists can thrive and report with a high standard of journalism.