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Philippine state broadcasters join forces for poll coverage

Philippine state-run broadcaster People’s Television Network (PTNI) joined forces with other government media to provide comprehensive coverage of the national and local elections on 9 May.

PTNI partnered with the Philippine News Agency, Philippine Information Agency, Philippine Broadcasting Service-Bureau of Broadcast Services, and Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation to cater to all poll news across the country.

In addition to choosing a new President, voters were electing senators, members of the House of Representatives, governors and vice governors as well as mayors, vice mayors and municipal councils across the country – more than 16,000 positions in all.

The Philippine News Agency said the government broadcasters were providing “an integrated simulcast nationwide” in their most comprehensive coverage yet of the national and local elections.

“It is our objective to present the reliable, truthful and most comprehensive election scenario,” said PTNI News and Public Affairs head, Chit Gatan.

The marathon 48-hour coverage began at 5:30am local time on 9 May. It was available on TV, radio and the internet.

The network also partnered with Systems Technology Institute as its sole technology provider as the receiver of election results.