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Turkey’s TRT to hold international youth event, NEXT

The TRT World Forum, an annual international forum hosted by Turkey’s public broadcaster TRT, is to hold a special youth event, NEXT, on 14 May.

The full-day, in-person event is designed to tackle major issues facing the global community. It aims to bring together around 750 people from Turkey and other countries in Istanbul.

TRT says pressing social, cultural, and technological issues that will have significant impact on the future will be addressed at panel discussions and keynote talks.

Climate change, space tourism, the evolution of technology and socio-political unrest across the world will be discussed.

NEXT will feature keynotes from a range of industry leaders and influencers, as well as workshops and side events focusing on specific issues like non-fungible token (NFTs), the Metaverse and the future of digital content creation.

“NEXT aims to be a dynamic platform for young leaders, academics, activists, NGO workers, entrepreneurs and journalists to articulate their visions of the future and provide inspired solutions for a more inclusive world,” said TRT Director General Dr Mehmet Zahid Sobaci.

“Young people bring fresh eyes to complex problems. We’re excited to see what kinds of innovative solutions and strategies our attendees come up with when they’re in a room with each other,” he said.

See here for more information on the forum.