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KBS pledges gender equality in election coverage

Korea’s public broadcaster KBS has pledged to promote gender equality in the lead-up to the country’s local elections on 1 June.

The broadcaster vowed to continue its firm commitment to impartiality and gender equality in its election broadcasting.

The KBS Gender Equality Centre and the KBS News Division joined forces to seek ways to reduce gender imbalance in election broadcasts at a Roundtable on Gender Equality held at KBS Headquarters.

Some of the views shared at the round table discussion were:

  • KBS’ flagship news programme, News 9, is currently presented by a female journalist. Female presenters made up approximately 57 percent of presenters during KBS’ 2022 presidential election results coverage in March.
  • The proportion of female presenters in the recent election coverage increased, but KBS still maintains its tradition of middle-aged man and younger woman presenters. Male panellists dominated in the results coverage.
  • KBS needs to continue its leadership role in creating a forum on gender equality issues in society.

The roundtable concluded with a plan to seek opportunities to improve gender inequality, particularly by bringing new female panellists to contribute to election broadcasting.