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Australia’s ABC wins 3 privacy protection awards

Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, has won three awards for its work on promoting privacy and data protection.

It was a triple winner at the inaugural CyberCX Privacy by Design Awards after scoring highest in two award categories and receiving federal government recognition as the ‘Top Performer’.

The broadcaster said the awards reflected “the way we’re building privacy and data protection into everything we do, so that our audiences continue to trust us with their personal information”.

Privacy by Design is a process for embedding good privacy practices into the design specifications of technologies, business practices and physical infrastructures. Seven key principles are applied to ensure privacy and data protection considerations are incorporated into the design of all systems, processes and products that touch personal information.

In the lead up to the award ceremony, CyberCX analysed the digital ‘shopfronts’ of leading Australian consumer brands across 11 industry sectors against the Privacy by Design Principles.

The ABC was the strongest performer in the ‘Principle 6: Visibility and Transparency – Keep it Open’ award category and the ‘Principle 7: Respect for User Privacy – Keep it User-Centric’ award category.

It also won the Government ‘Top Performer’ Award in recognition of the privacy assurances being embedded to ensure audiences maintain their trust in its role as the national broadcaster.