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New Chinese TV drama promotes use of law to protect rights

(Photo: Douban)

A hit Chinese TV drama focusing on female lawyers has attracted a lot of interest online by encouraging people to use the law to protect their rights.

The 40-episode TV series Lady of Law is airing on China Central Television (CCTV) and the Chinese video platform Tencent, the Global Times reports.

Women and the law are both hot issues on Chinese social media, making the series catch netizens’ attention from the beginning.

The series tells the stories of two female lawyers with different ideas who gradually come to understand each other and guard justice together.

Xu Jie, played by actor Jiang Shuying, is recruited by a new lawyer’s office, where she works with Chen Ran, played by Liu Mintao.

The Supreme People’s Court of China used a social media account to promote the TV drama, listing 19 cases in the series that can show people the role of the law in maintaining justice.

One of the cases is about a pregnant woman who is fired after telling her employer she is pregnant. She asks for help from Xu and Chen’s office to sue the company and prevent it violating the labour law.

The series also mentions infringement of intellectual property rights to inform audiences of their rights.