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NHK STRL develops headset for more comfortable VR viewing

(Photo: NHK STRL)

NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) has developed a head-mounted display (HMD) enabling users to view natural 3D images and reduce visual fatigue.

The use of light field technology makes possible real-world-like reproduction of the light reaching the eye from an object when using a headset.

NHK STRL has conducted research on HMDs and other VR viewing devices as a future media technology. Conventional HMDs provide a stereoscopic effect by projecting parallax images to the left and right eyes.

However, because the focus of the eyes is fixed, the perception is unnatural and is thought to cause visual fatigue.

The light field HMD developed in this study offers a different approach. When one looks at an object in the foreground, it appears clear and the background appears blurred. When one looks at something at the back, it appears clear and the foreground appears blurred.

This is a common way of seeing in the real world, but with conventional HMDs, blurriness and other visual effects remain the same regardless of the depth position you are trying to see.

For more information, see here.