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Korea’s KBS encourages the public to use its archives

(Photo: KBS)

Korean public broadcaster KBS has held an event to promote its open-access visual archives platform, known as Bada, and to encourage people to use it.

A total of 62 ordinary citizens took part in an initiative to search the archives for material on the 18 May Gwangju Democratic Uprising, a popular uprising in 1980.

KBS announced six winners of the televised contest. The material selected and compiled by participants was also made available on a KBS YouTube channel.

At the awards ceremony at KBS headquarters, the KBS President and CEO, Kim Eui-chul, said; “As a primary public service media, we have a critical mission to illuminate and remind the nation of even the painful part of modern Korean history.

“We will continue efforts to discover new video archives on modern Korean history and share them with our audiences.”

KBS will offer audiences a wider variety of archives in the next few years, including historic content, Korean audio books and many other forms of digital materials.

The broadcaster launched its Bada archives platform in March as one of its key priorities for 2022.