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Australia’s AFTRS awards 3 honorary degrees

(Photo: AFTRS)

The Australian Film Television and Radio School, AFTRS, has conferred honorary degrees on cinematographer Mandy Walker, composer Nerida Tyson-Chew and radio journalist the late Glenn Daniel.

Ms Walker and Ms Tyson-Chew were awarded Doctor of Arts, Film and Television and Mr Daniel received a Master of Screen and Broadcast (posthumous) at AFTRS’ annual graduation ceremony on 3 June. The ceremony saw 155 students graduate from the 2021 academic year.

Glenn Daniel was a multi-award-winning journalist and broadcaster who reported on and presented news for four decades. He was the news director of four major Sydney radio stations and was well known as a champion for young radio professionals getting a start in the industry.

Nerida Tyson-Chew is an Australian composer, conductor and orchestrator, principally working in screen music, with a prolific career across a diverse portfolio of work spanning feature films, television dramas, children’s productions, documentaries and wildlife films.

Mandy Walker is a cinematographer who has been working across TV, documentary, commercials and feature film since 1989. She has more than 30 screen credits including Mulan, Hidden Figures, Parklands, The Well, Lantana, Australia and Elvis.

AFTRS Chair Russel Howcroft said: “An AFTRS honorary degree recognises the exceptional achievements of distinguished individuals, and it is one of the highest honours that can be conferred on a creative screen arts and broadcast practitioner in Australia.

“Mandy, Glenn and Nerida have each been exemplary leaders in their respective fields as well as inspirational mentors to those to have followed them on a creative path.”