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Singapore minister praises media‘s role during pandemic

(Photo: MCI)

Singapore’s media outlets played an “honourable, rational and essential” role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo has said.

CNA reports that she made the remarks at the Singapore Press Club’s 50th Anniversary Press Ball on 10 June.

“We could not have maintained the trust of Singaporeans over the past two years if our media had not reported the course of the pandemic truthfully and accurately.

“I thank all of you sincerely for the honourable, rational and essential role you played throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”

She said the media’s efforts were one reason why people in Singapore cooperated and stayed home during the “circuit breaker” and why people and businesses could adjust quickly to changes in public health protocols and safe management measures.

It was also one of the reasons why Singapore achieved a high vaccination rate, paving the way for the country to move towards the endemic phase of COVID-19.

The media’s work also ensured trust between the people and the Government, and trust among people, remained high.

Mrs Teo said Singapore’s media had managed to maintain and build public trust because it had “always strived to provide accurate, objective and timely reporting”.