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KBS to continue cooperation with ABU

(Photo: KBS)

Kim Eui-chul, President and CEO of Korean public broadcaster KBS, met the ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, at KBS headquarters in Seoul on 15 June.

They engaged in an extensive exchange of views on various issues surrounding the ABU and its members, including the promotion of substantial ties of cooperation between KBS and the ABU.

The two sides agreed to engage in shared efforts to further advance the co-operative relations between KBS and the ABU in the lead up to the 2023 ABU General Assembly in Seoul.

KBS hosted the General Assembly in 1985 and 2012. The 2012 Seoul GA was a huge success with approximately 1,000 member delegates and media professionals from over 50 countries participating.

During the meeting, Dr Mottaghi delivered a presentation on the outcomes of the Three-Year Action Plan carried out by the ABU since 2019. He encouraged KBS to maintain its strong presence in the Union.

The ABU will resume its face-to-face Administrative Council meeting and General Assembly this year and he expressed his wish to see the KBS delegation attend the events in person. The ABU brought its annual meetings online over the past two years due to the global pandemic.

KBS has been a devoted member of the ABU since its foundation in 1964. Currently serving as a member of the ABU Administrative Council, KBS has been demonstrating a leadership role in various joint missions and activities organised by the Union, such as the ‘Change Asia Rescue the Earth’ (CARE) documentary co-production, Documentary Exchange Meeting and TV Song Festival.