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Korea’s KBS airs romance TV series based on webtoon

(Photo: KBS, Kakao Entertainment)

Korean public broadcaster KBS has begun airing a new fantasy romance series titled Jinxed at First, based on a popular webtoon or digital comic.

The series was launched on 15 June and is being shown on KBS every Wednesday and Thursday evening. Actors Na In-woo and Seohyun of Girl’s Generation star as the lead characters.

The webtoon of the same name ran for three seasons from 2016 to 2020 and recorded 100 million views, The Korea Herald reports.

Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in Korea and are usually meant to be read on computers and smartphones.

The TV series features a poor, unlucky fish vendor named Soo-kwang who meets a mysterious woman named Seul-bi, who can glimpse into the future of anyone she touches.

The original webtoon was noted for its charming characters and heart-pounding romance.