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KBS to showcase its technology at KOBA 2022

(Photo: KBS)

Korea’s public broadcaster KBS will present its latest research and developments in broadcast technology at KOBA 2022, a major trade show in Seoul on 29 June to 1 July.

The KBS UHD Zone will show a variety of interactive content through internet-connected TV.

KBS will also showcase its terrestrial UHD emergency warning system, designed to better serve the nation with essential information, such as text, graphics, and video, under critical situations. The special system allows the UHD broadcasting network to deliver high quality information to audiences.

A Public Service Mission Zone has been set up to introduce KBS’ Center for Accreditation of Broadcasting Equipment. The Center is responsible for providing professional support, including examining and accrediting broadcast equipment.

The PSM Zone will also demonstrate the next-generation broadcasting TPEG and RTK transmission system. The system delivers assorted data services, such as traffic congestion and accident information.

The Research and Explore Zone will display ultra-high-resolution images of up to 8K quality and a large LED wall. The extraordinary high quality video involves an AI-based video editing system.

KOBA, the Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio and Lighting Show, has been held annually since 1991, although last year’s show was cancelled because of the pandemic.